Show Time!

Photo courtesy of Madrona Wienges

Four weeks ago my class started the last Ashwood play block we will ever have together. Our production was the Broadway Junior version of Guys and Dolls.

And since we have such a large class and were unable to find a play with a cast large enough to support all of us with enough major roles, we double cast it. That translated to about two weeks of practice time for both casts, which is infinitely too short to put on a musical, in my opinion. Anyway, for one cast I was Adelaide and for the other cast, which starred Chloë as Adelaide, I was a collection of extras.

Jonas E. played my fiancé Nathan Detroit when I was Adelaide. His mom Iris also did a lovely post about the play, and she was kind enough to let me use her photo.

Thank you so much to Madrona for catching some of our pazazz on camera. That’s Jonas, Emma, and Gabe holding Ginny, with me, Madelina and Japheth in the back.

If you can’t tell from the photos, we all had a lot of fun. Even when it looked like we would be presenting a really underrehearsed play we pulled it together and enjoyed ourselves along the way. Despite the bumps in the road, like Ginny (who played Sarah) and I being sick on our opening night and a fire alarm going off in one of our performances, we survived.

Ella (the other Sarah) and I on the car ride home from our last performance in Blue Hill.

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