The other day my mom was going through some old clothing that belonged to my grandpa’s cousin and her family. It was the oddest collection of clothes, from ball and dressing gowns to maids’ uniforms, and being me, I decided I would like to try some of the things on. It was mostly for fun, but I was also looking to see if there was anything I might actually want to wear.


Riding pants. More like frog pants. Maybe that’s what I’ll do for next Halloween, be a frog.


This wool skirt and lederhosen also have a rather hideous jacket to match. It looks like it might be a skating outfit because the skirt even has built-in wool pantaloons.


You probably can’t quite tell from the photo, but this dress has parrots and round crackers on it. Maybe a play off “Polly wanna cracker.” I’m not sure, but I think it’s pretty cute.


Although it was very wrinkly this shirt had the most delicate lace and sewing detail.

Trying on the clothes was such a clear glimpse into the past, even though I can’t imagine wearing some of the things. I am, however, hoping I can find the right occasion to wear at least one of the more practical outfits. Perhaps next winter I could wear the wool skirt skating if the ice on the lake gets smooth enough, or perhaps I’ll just wear it cross-country skiing.

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