Yay for vacation! It is so nice to have some time to decompress and get some of the things done that there normally isn't enough time for. A couple of days ago I went through my school binder because its three rings were completely packed, and it was getting impractical I couldn't have fit much more than a few extra papers in there to save my life, and I was growing tired of using the side pockets all the time. I kept the things I'd be needing in the near future, set aside all the other older school work, and had fun cutting out and looking over some of the doodles I've done throughout the year.

The snake doodle in this photo was inspired by Vi Hart. She is an amazing “mathemusician” and is now working for Khan Academy which is also an amazing website if you are into math and science… You may know Vi Hart from her videos, but if you don't then you should definitely check her out. Her videos are quite entertaining and I can guarantee you'll walk away with a lot of fabulous math thoughts bouncing around your head. I especially like her “doodling in math class” videos.




This doodle actually turned into a card for some friends of mine.


I can't quite believe how close we are to the end of the school year, it's sneaking up so fast. I almost don't want 8th grade to end, but I also can't wait for summer.


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