So Much So Fast: 1

My life has been going at full tilt for the last month or so. After a week long trip to Newfoundland with my class, getting sick, heading right into graduation prep as soon as my fever broke, saying goodbye to my wonderful peers, spending a week preparing for Kneisel Hall, going to KH and playing chamber music from 9 to 5 for a week, I have swept into my vacation at full tilt. This past week I have finally been able to slow down, and with my computer fixed, able to look through all my photos since leaving for Canada.


Just getting to Newfoundland was an entire chapter of our trip. After a ten hour car ride, over night fairy, and four hour trip to Gros Morne National park where we would be staying in a little fishing village, we unpacked our two vans which had been loaded with all of our gear, us, and enough food for what seemed closer to a few months than a week.


We were all pretty zonked after the long day and a half of highway after highway.


Although not so much that we weren't able to have to have some fun together.


Somedays we were the brightest colors to be seen…


and somedays it was bitterly cold in the wind…



…but it was also very beautiful and we weren't about to let weather get in our way, we grew up in Maine for after all.


A few of my beautiful freinds.


Who would guess that we would end up with German guides when we went zip lining in Newfoundland?


This photo was taken by Ginny, right before a subset of us went to climb Gros Morne. Are shoes saw a lot that hike, from snow and and large rocks, to piles of moose poop.

It was worth it when we got there though.


We were on top of the world.


Thank you to Mr. E for making it all happen, pushing us when we needed pushing, and most importantly telling us when it was time to quit for our own safety. I know we can be a bit head strong.


On the night of our graduation we each sent a paper lantern into the sky. I don't know exactly what the person who came up with the idea had originally had in mind, but for me when I let go of mine I was letting go of seeing my classmates everyday. Letting go of some of our dependence on each other, but also wishing for new connections to form and old ones to stay strong.


2 thoughts on “So Much So Fast: 1

  1. I love your blog! I hope you don’t stop because its the end of the project! Thank you for sharing your fantastic life!

    Much love xoxo

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