So Much So Fast: 2

My Brother, my amazing brother whom I love dearly is eighteen! How did it happen? Driving, voting, he is legally an adult, which is a fact that his little sister has a hard time comprehending.


After my graduation we both headed to Kneisel Hall, which is a chamber music camp in Blue hill. KH goes most of the summer, but only a week of it is open to Maine middle and high school students who are mentored by the all summer college students. The week went by in a beautiful blur of coaching sessions, conducting classed, sight reading, ear training, and even a few musical fact quizzes. What a great way to begin the summer!


2 thoughts on “So Much So Fast: 2

  1. Fiona — I so enjoy following your blog. I’d like to talk to you about writing something for our website once school gets started. I thought it would be fun for people to hear from you about what the first week(s) of your new school are like. Interested? Let me know.

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