Back to Everything

So I've been going to high school for a few weeks now and its been a bit of a culture shock. After Ashwood and a summer playing music, singing, and swimming at the lake, its pretty different to be inside, surrounded by hundreds of students all going from one eighty minute class to the next with intermittent pauses to listen to the directions and announcments that come over the loud speaker. Despite this, high school is full of amazing opportunities and interesting peers and teachers alike. It's nice to be back at school however much I sometimes wish I were still skipping through the lovely days of summer.


My classes are mostly challenging so that's a plus, and there are all sorts of opportunities for musical endeavors. In the photo you can see my sheet music for All State and District Three choral auditions. Also in the photo you can see my latest read, Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. For anyone who hasn't read this you should definitely give it a shot. The story isn't a bucket of sunshine and has its harshness, but it is very engaging and beautifully written. I loved it.


Not only am I back to school, but piano and vocal lessons started back up last week! Piano is especially exciting because this summer I got a 1909 Mason & Hamlin grand piano in beautiful condition. Ever since I started playing, when I was somewhere towards middle of single digits, I've been working on a electric piano at home so it's amazing to have such an fabulous instrument and I am extremely fortunate that it didn't coast me and my family a fortune.


And don't let me forget dance. After the summer I am even tighter than usual and it seems my ankles and legs are going to need some readjusting to being on point. We didn't even do that much, but my feet were pretty sore after an evening of standing on their toes in addition to a modern class (where I somehow managed to wear the skin of my nuckles).


Anyway now it's the weekend and I get to breath, sort of. I need to prepare for doing henna body art at Common Ground Country Fair next weekend and do the usual music practicing and homework.


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